We live in a generation with countless opportunities to do something or nothing at all. You can choose to wake up in the morning or be late for work or school, you can choose to drive your car or take the bus to reduce fuel consumption to save the planet. You can choose to stop and help the poor on the street, extending love from your heart or choose to simply pass by ignoring the needs of others and perhaps even your own needs by denying the fact that you are empty inside and that there has to be something done.





We are just ordinary people like you living the same world. We breathe the same air, drink the water from the earth, have the red flowing through our veins, have challenges, struggles, problems and temptations to name a few. With that, we can still dream, laugh, sing, dance and enjoy in times of crisis and situations only because of the “revelation” of His love that was first “sold out” to us. A love that brought us change, a love that fuels us to bring change, a love that continues to pour out into our lives helping us live a “changed life”.


We are passionate about music, dance and media be it through drama, short films, photography or anything that breathes creativity. That is who we are.


And because we dream big, we get the biggest support from people whom we are proud to call in one word,”FAMILY”, from Every Nation Church Malaysia where we have been blessed spiritually and physically.





We want to craft stories about God, people and justice. We are not interested in events; we are interested to journey with the “Creatives” of this generation together with the people that we meet along the way where they are touched, transformed and in time, they too will testify creatively to the world.


This is what we are about. We challenge you to come and journey with us. Join our Creative Generation to bring out a Creative Revolution!